You log in with your level 25 and don t receive

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Posted on: 10/22/15
You log in with your level 25 and don t receive any new points from the conversion, but are able to use the 39 points from FIFA 16 Coins IOS the account. Finally, you log in with your VR14 and are granted 31 additional Champion Points from the conversion, since you can only receive a total of 70 Champion Points from the conversion.

You have one full VR14 character and one new VR4 character. You log in with your VR4 and receive 15 Champion Points. You begin to quest and play for a while, and receive 3 more Champion Points throughout your session. Later, you log in with your VR14. You receive 55 Points from the conversion, and are able to use 73 Champion Points 70 from the total conversion, and 3 from the earlier play session.

PayType:Buy to PlayMonthly Fee:Free System Req:Out of date info? Let us know! The Elder Scrolls Online team has gone on record to thank players for their feedback regarding the forthcoming Champion System. As revealed a month ago, the team actively solicited feedback from the ESO player base and, based on that, the Champion System will be undergoing some tweaks and refinements.



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