The service specifically cites Hatred

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Posted on: 03/31/16
Try another email? By becoming a registered user, you are also agreeing to our Terms and confirming that you have read our Privacy Policy.Rinse and Repeat, indie developer Robert Yang's firstperson game set in a men's locker room, has been prohibited from Twitch livestreaming.Yang himself shared his game's banishment from the service onhis Twitter earlier today.

On one hand, it really sucks and this is censorshipon the other hand, its super validating for an artist to be acknowledged as dangerous Roberto Yanga radiatoryang September 24, 2015A response to the tweets includes a screenshot from Twitch'srules of conduct.The item that likely resulted in the censorship of Rinse and Repeat names sexually explicit acts or content as cause for suspension from the service.

Twitch does not allow nudity to be the main focus of a game streamed on its channels.The title is one of 13 banned by the popular livestream site. The most notable name onthe list, which is mostly populated by other indie titles, is Second Life.Twitch also forbids the broadcast of all games rated AdultsOnly by the ESRB, as wereported in March.

The service specifically cites Hatred, Fahrenheit: Indigo ProphecyDirector's Cut, and the uncut version of Manhunt 2.We discussed the crude, extreme violence of Hatred in particular after its summer launch.Those interested in the game who are no longer able to check it out on Twitch can download it fromYang's website.

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