Suarez is tencent game FIFA Online 3 players

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Posted on: 11/07/15
Suarez is tencent game FIFA Online 3 players are drawn to a player, take charge of Barcelona striker spoke about his thoughts about Chinese football. Suarez said the initial Chinese player to think in FUT 16 Coins the football match is always to simple, lead to the higherlevel athletes have massive difference, "I havenrrrt heard about Chinese football, but give me the biggest feeling is easy Chinese player to think in the football match.

So they played inside the game is very rough, if players hold the idea that all ages is hard to achieve the professional level."For China's current football training mechanism, suarez isn't taboo to point that "the cultivation mechanism of Chinese football is always to junior, the profession of China's football is accountable for a certain amount of obstacles, ensure it is hard for Chinese professionals to round the international stage as well as the high level players.

"In China, international prospects have the symptoms of a bright future, the Chinese women's team has once again exposed the embarrassment of Chinese football. The Chinese women's team coach howell isn't paid for a few months, additionally he coach in the team wasn't spared. It is conceivable that how howell using these girls spent a few months of hard training, duty.



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