Not every game is going to appeal to every player

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Posted on: 03/16/16
DinosaursJolly Roger Games  2013G The CapitalsMercury Games  2013G Dark HorseKnight Works Games  2012G VentureEagleGryphon Games  2012Catch Phrase!Hasbro, Parker Brothers  2007G BuccaneerQueen Games  2006G Dutch BlitzDutch Blitz Games Company  2005G TAMSKRio Grande Games  2005JeffAnd that s why I love this site so much discover the games I would not have known otherwise.

So keep up your excellent work ob1: You know, I ve come to the inescapable conclusion that there will always be more of every type of media music, books, movies, boardgames than I will successfully be able to consume. Researching games for the Updates brings that home in a big way only ever touched 4 out of the 15 games above so I let it inform what I might want to look into in the future.

Not every game is going to appeal to every player, but hopefully some will spark interest. I can t beleive how much games I missed when on every game update I see that I own any of them .Perhaps it s because I am too young into boardgaming at leastto have seen these games on their release.I usually keep looking forward, but some of these games may be worth to take a look Jeff W The Gnomes of Zurich would like to show their appreciation for being included in this week s Game Updates.

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