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Posted on: 03/08/16
Ancient Terrible Things has been a hit with all of us here at BoardGaming, and Rob from Pleasant Company Games has created some very awesome avatars that you can customize your profiles with on BoardGaming!As an added bonus, all Ancient Terrible Things avatars will only cost 250 BG gold for a limited time.

New to BoardGaming?Learn more about BoardGamingClick here to join! From our review Ancient Terrible Things leads you down a dank jungle river to a handful of Fateful Locations where Ominous Encounters will lead you to precious resources or ruin while time hurls you closer and closer to the Unspeakable Event.

Sound bleak? Well donfretxA6 youe got all you need in a handful of dice and a few thoughtfully purchased pieces of Swag. Now bring on the Yawning Chasm and the Accursed Shrine! Read the full review Granny will never change her avatar badge, as there appears to never be any NEW granny options.

Shenanigans!!!! Jon,If you were thinking about making badgeavatar ownership a quest, I d put it under either be Gamer or Explorer since getting your first avatar was Explorer. I d probably do something like 5102050100 for number to own. Badges would be nonsystem awarded to count I would think so not ones you get for leveling up or reaching other quest milestones.

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