It's that time of year for awesome holidays

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Posted on: 03/18/16
It's that time of year for awesome holidays, and no holiday is better to start with than Halloween! Even though it's far too soon to rsgoldfast wear any Minecraft costumes in real life, the next best thing has just arrived. In the spirit of things, Mojang is preparing a pretty awesome Halloween Costume Pack! Here is what Owen had to say:OwenThere are 15 skins in total, and it costs a 0.99 or equivalent.

And, hey even if you don t download the whole thing everyone can download the Iron Golem and Zombie costumes for free.Here s the full list of skins included:Cow costume, Creeper costume, Enderman costume, Ghast costume, Iron Golem costume, Mooshroom Costume, Ocelot costume, Pig costume, Pink sheep costume, Rainbow sheep costume, Skeleton costume, Snow golem costume, Spider costume, Zombie costume.

Oh, and just in case any console players are reading this, don t worry you re getting something equally special to celebrate halloween.In addition, Pocket Edition saw an update release today, with the following fixes:CHANGELOGTooltip position was incorrect and visibility time was too shortSneaking Crouching animation is now visible from First Person ViewFixed so controller doesn t lose its functionality on RS Gold the death screenPrevented Mojang logo from appearing sideways on iPhone 6Stopped so mining strength doesn t passively grow.


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