It's not uncommon nowadays for online friends and even guilds

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Posted on: 03/30/16
Together they have located the source and Blizzard will be lifting the bans on user accounts who were determined banned because of running Cedega Software.We would like to thank the hard working individuals at Blizzard for all the effort they put into this issue and for getting it resolved as quickly as possible.

Lawl youde think with all the people waiting to get there accounts back from being hacked they wouldnt have time for other banning issues lolWe all knew that from the start of MMORPG's, people have been brought together to quest and conquer the world. But lately, more and more people have been getting that little bit closer.

It's not uncommon nowadays for online friends and even guilds to meet up together and share their ideas and thoughts about life and gaming in general face to face, but once in a while, something sparkles and relationships grow.This is how Rhovan and Delora met. They met at a guild meeting, decided to see eachother more, and a relationship blossomed which ended up with them getting married and having a wonderful daughter together!The Blizzard team wrote a short but inspiring story behind Rhovan and Delora's meeting, which can be found athttp:woweuropecommunitywowparents.

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