In Light of Life players will be taking control

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Posted on: 12/02/15
TwitterOtterWorks is an indie game development studio with two games having been released onto Android over the few years the company has been around. There is Fall of Cutie and their arcade space shooter Escape Velocity. Their newest game that is currently under development is called Light of Life and it has a pretty interesting concept to it.

In Light of Life players will be taking control of little dots of light. The universe was once a clean and empty place, void of life, until a Supernova happened. When this event took place, seeds of life scattered throughout the universe, landing on various planets. These seeds would eventually form Life Trees which, even though they have grown, are not awake and spreading life throughout their planet. This is because they need the light of life to awaken them, which is what players will be controlling.

TwitterReleased by Fierce Fun, Big Bad Quiz is a new quiz game that's now available on Google Play. According to the devs, a brisk brain and snappy fingers are needed. Topics will cover a spectrum of topics that will range from sports, music, and movies, to history, celebrities, and more.
Like any quiz show or game, questions are timed, so players will need to answer quickly. The host is a unique character known as Bag Man, who wears a dark suit, gloves, and a paper bag en lieu of a traditional head. The contest contains over 150 levels, doesn't require an internet connection to play.

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