He already had Ghostbusters to fill that quota.

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Posted on: 03/15/16
He already had Ghostbusters to fill that quota. The only Wishlist maybe is:Evolution which I fenced the first time around but have seen out and about and think it is a nice slice of jib and emptying deep pockets elsewhere Titans of Gaming is a bit out of reach, but seems to be falling a bit victim to its own etherealness.

As a big fan of The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, I am very excited by the idea of Apocrypha. It looks awesome! Super excited to be backing The Sibling Trouble the game looks super fun and the creator is an amazingly positive member of the boardgaming community. Highly recommend you check it out.Wizards Academy seems to have gotten a nice jump last time I looked at it, they were struggling.

Good for them!One Night Resistance is a curious mix, although one I do not feel I need perfectly happy with the regular ResistanceIs it me, or do the box and character cards of Battleborn Legacy look a bit like those of Defenders of the Realm? The components especially the board for Raider of the North Sea are gorgeous.

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