Happy to help!WizWar suffers the same fate with me

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Posted on: 03/14/16
Been a dry boardgaming time for me lately, but this weekend I was invited to play Settlers of Catan for the first time. And I won: Warmed up with Love Letter always having fun with that game.Doc RuneI do of course hope the reception went very well with some gaming included Doc RuneyCongrats on your son s marriage Nice to find someone who shares the hobby, and even allows a gaming table at the reception.

Back home after a week of vacation with my brother in law and his family. While they are not to gamey one of their sons seems to be. Played a lot of Spooky Stairs, Uno Junior and Ghost Tower this week. Machi Koro with some Machi Koro! Just got it for my birthday a couple days ago, and I m loving it so far!I have family visiting so it will be a wide variety.

I ll be playing Splendor, the new KS I just got12 days of Christmas, Defenders of the Realm, ST: Settlers of Catan, and Barbu. I am holidaying at the moment, so we seem to be playing a lot of catan and rivals for catan. In Geelong, Australia we just purchased the first expansion of 7 Wonders Leaders.

Happy to help!WizWar suffers the same fate with me. I know it is something I would like and hovers about on my radar but always seems to get bumped by other dancing sugar plums. Thanks to Epic Gaming Day Quiz I did official put it on my Birthday Wishlist right next to YEDO. I will not let this one slip into the eternal sleep of Vamphyri Furiosa.

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