Are there time limits on these explorable games?

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Posted on: 03/09/16
Get rewards and complete quests as you explore select favorite games of other BoardGaming members!Learn how to Explore a game on BoardGaming! Learn more about Explorable Favorites This Week s Explorable GamesThis round of Explorable Favorites is from BoardGaming member Prof. Nebulous.

The two games selected from his favorites shelf were:CycladesAsmodee, MatagotAndroid: NetrunnerFantasy Flight GamesThese games will be explorable until next Monday, February 17th.After you ve explored these games, let us know what you think about them in the comments below! Is it me or is City of Remnants no longer explorable? The Explorer pop up at the bottom of the game s page is no longer there.

Are there time limits on these explorable games? Thanks. I haven t put any money into Android: Netrunner, but I played the original when the CCG first came out. I like the idea of reviving nevershouldhavebeen CCGs as LCGs, especially given that Magic is now 20 years old. A lot of CCGs, from the utterly worthless to the superlative, with everything in between, have fallen into the dustbin of history, and some of the IP could stand to be repurposed.

With all the strange censorings on the Cyclades page, it sort of feels like Android: Netrunner may have hacked it to get all the attention! I d be interested in playing Android: Netrunner, but Cyclades didn t seem like it would be for me. Anyway we can still show City of Remnants as explorable on this page.

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